Day 3: Wednesday, 18 October 2006


On Day 3 of the Second Intergovernmental Review Meeting (IGR-2) of the GPA participants focused on building a common agenda.   David Osborne, Australia, opened the plenary with a report of the outcomes from partnerships day. 


Turning towards the task of building a common agenda, delegates discussed the following documents:


Progress in implementing the GPA, 2002 – 2006: The report provides an overview of progress made in advancing the GPA at the national, regional and international levels during the period 2002–2006. It It also provides support for the new strategic direction set out in the proposed programme of work for the UNEP Global Programme of Action Coordination Office for 2007–2011.


Guidance to the Implementation of the GPA 2007- 2011: This document promotes the GPA as a valuable tool to contribute to achieving the goals and targets set by the international community in recent years for the sustainable development of oceans, coasts and islands. It aims to emphasize that the GPA, due to its cross-sectoral nature, is relevant and well-suited to respond to the new challenges associated with the impact of land-based activities on the coastal and marine environments. The document gives suggestions on how developments since the adoption of the GPA can be integrated to further implementation of the GPA in a coherent and consistent manner.


Proposed 2007 - 2011 programme of work of the UNEP GPA Coordination Office: This document outlines how the UNEP GPA Coordination Office will build on the momentum that has been achieved during the period 2002–2006, which was characterized by a move from planning to action, leading to widespread Programme-related activities and programmes at the national and regional levels. The third phase, from 2007 to 2011 will maintain the role of promoting the GPA at all levels and of strengthening the Regional Seas Programme and other regional mechanisms to facilitate its implementation. In addition, the third phase will focus on mainstreaming the implementation of the GPA in national development planning and budgetary mechanisms. That mainstreaming will require integration of the GPA across sectors and ministries and also integration into domestic and international aid budgets, development plans, strategies and actions.


Draft Elements for a Beijing Declaration on Furthering the Implementation of the GPA: During the Ministerial/high level segment of the IGR-2, Ministers and other high-level representatives are invited to provide strategic policy guidance on improving the implementation of the GPA by adopting a Beijing declaration on furthering the implementation of the GPA.  The Chair of the informal working group on the Beijing Declaration, Mara Angélica Murillo Correa, outlined the draft Beijing Declaration and the work of the group. She noted that the group had considered the suggestions presented by major groups and other stakeholders.  Delegates agreed to forward the draft Declaration to the Ministerial Segment for adoption.


During the morning session, a side-event was held for major groups and other stakeholders attending the IGR-2.  The purpose of this side-event was to finalise a stakeholder submission to the IGR-2. Stakeholders met to draft and finalise the submission, drawing on the outcomes of the consultative process with major groups and other stakeholders held prior to the second session.  During the session there was an open discussion the draft version of the submission which became available during the IGR-2.


The stakeholder submission emphasises stakeholder concern with the state of the marine environment, and outlines stakeholder commitments to further the implementation of the Global Programme of Action.  It calls on governments and other bodies to take specific actions to realize their commitments made under the Global Programme of Action.


Day 2: Tuesday, 17 October 2006 

Day 1: Monday, 16 October 2006


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